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shitinyourhand 40 days ago
Does anyone still buy them?

simon_belmont 40 days ago
Me. I prefer it to vinyl. More practical, I have a cs player in my car. I like to have a physical copy of albums I like and it's fun to browse thrift stores and used bins.

shitinyourhand 40 days ago
Would you be more likely to buy one if it had extras for packaging. Special print, or doesn't matter?

carveyournamein 40 days ago
It doesn't matter. I will never buy another CD. I will buy vinyl and cassettes, though.

simon_belmont 40 days ago
I don't know if that would affect whether I buy it or not. It's cool to have CDs with cool packaging but if I want the album I'll get it either way. It would probably affect other people I would imagine. I'm a little odd in that regard.

shitinyourhand 40 days ago
Want to make a more archival version of a release than digital. Can't afford vinyl, tapes i think is too niche, jury is out for me on CD

AnalButt 40 days ago
CDs nuts

xander_crews_horse 40 days ago
We need a new recording format, like tshirts that you scan a qwhatevercode and the album starts playing off ur teeth idk

Portslob 40 days ago
I got rid of all my cds this summer, over 600

Portslob 40 days ago
I still have a big bin of cassettes and 7 inches.. I'm just going to put each one of them on eBay for $100 bucks and hope for stupidity. If I make 300 bucks I'll probably just toss the rest in the trash

shitinyourhand 40 days ago
Yeah.. maybe it's pointless. I only want like 250 haha

shitinyourhand 40 days ago
But the shitty duped versions blow

webmaster 40 days ago
if you want to listen to them, buy CDs... if you want to collect them, buy vinyl CDs sound better and are less of a pain in the ass to store and play

BULLHEAD 40 days ago
i'm amassing cds at an alarming rate again after selling like 2000 of them way back in the day before a move. goddamn i'm stupid. they're fun to buy though

Barbara 40 days ago
seems like you would have to go out of your way to have a cd player in your car these days