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Lambgoat MB vs

BULLHEAD 213 days ago
you understand birds are dinosaurs, right?

xander_crews_horse 213 days ago
I bet if you taught gorillas how to use machinery you could have a gorilla voltron but you're not gonna get that with bird dinosaurs or whatever.

carveyournamein 213 days ago
I'd win.

xander_crews_horse 213 days ago
Casualties vs the big chickens Evil hero (noted already) However, early casualties (the only other noted) were Trind, spaceghost and LurkCity. Trind died trying to pick up the hot dog Spaceghost got confused and swallowed the butter knife and choked on it. Lurk called out the Cock Leader to single combat and was beaten in 2 brutal seconds. Moment swung, however, when Duncan_Idaho killed four roosters and fed two to BigandInCharge.