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its SWEETASSBUCKTRAPMUDFLAP's lambgoat birthday

evil_hero 212 days ago
happy birthday you big old bonersnatcher

menstrualmath 212 days ago
Sweatyasswetbacksnutsack >

skinsuit 212 days ago

Portslob 212 days ago
He's dead

BULLHEAD 212 days ago
that's the guy who got real condescending and uppity about people listening to heavy metal on a heavy metal site. he only likes electronica

evil_hero 212 days ago
may his soul and his withered, tiny weenus rest in peace

AnalButt 212 days ago
His posts are the most incoherent drivel you'll ever read. It's like he's releasing the tourniquet from his heroin bump during the middle of his post

evil_hero 212 days ago

ShaolinLambKiller 211 days ago
He dead