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NFL Week 7 Roundup

ej 39 days ago
I missed last week because I was doing more important shit like throwing up in a bush. Colts>49ers: an upset that i lost a lot of money on because i though wentz would get 190+ passing yards Cardinals>Texans: committed an act of scorigami of 31-5, never happened before Buccs>Bears: tampa was chanting to fire the bears coach lol Lions>Rams: very depressed for detroit. they had successful onside kicks, fake punts, 4th down conversions, still lost by two scores Raiders>Eagles: jon gruden may have sucked Patriots>Jets: 54-13 lol Giants>Panthers: f*cking gross Packers>RedfootballteamSkins: duh Bengals>Ravens: joe burrow and jamarr chase are f*ckin cookin Titans>Chiefs: holy shit patrick mahomes Browns>Broncos: ah yes case keenum very good Falcons>Dolphins: miami is going to trade for a rapist lol Saints vs Seahawks preview: with russ out, jameis and kamara are going to ruin the hawks

Pilgrim 39 days ago
Tldr Rams(my team) scared me. Also all the bye teams f*cked my fantasy league up. I still won though

jimbo 39 days ago
Ravens got they ass whooped

shitinyourhand 39 days ago
Didn't get to watch much of the pats ass whoopin of the jets. Pats have a real test next week