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Received a free cock rating for subbing to an onlyfans whore

Faggol 39 days ago
Got a 5/10 lmao.

carveyournamein 39 days ago
Download her pics and put them here.

Faggol 39 days ago
Feedback summary: Length is okay, girth needs some work, general grooming is needed but overall looks like it would do a decent job.

Faggol 39 days ago
You could just go see them on Reddit

xander_crews_horse 39 days ago
Do what carve said. It's both ethical and legal.

Faggol 39 days ago

unvisitedgrave 39 days ago
You gave this ugly bitch money? lol

BULLHEAD 39 days ago
my dick is shit

evil_hero 39 days ago
unvisitedgrave 12 hours ago You gave this ugly bitch money? lol lmao

ej 39 days ago
"girth needs some worK" do some cock pushups gaygol

Faggol 39 days ago
Ugly bitch? The f*ck outta here son. Gay dudes are always picky as f*ck about women

jimbo 39 days ago

unvisitedgrave 39 days ago
Enjoy paying for your slop hog.

skinsuit 39 days ago
Upload her pics.

BULLHEAD 39 days ago
this is beta male behavior