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Let's talk about stereotypes.

carveyournamein 42 days ago
I want to know why some of them exist.

Spork 42 days ago
Which ones?

carveyournamein 42 days ago
Let's start with white people.

xander_crews_horse 42 days ago
Snow apes? Love em.

willy_wanker 42 days ago
white men cant jump or dance and have small penises

skinsuit 41 days ago

Portslob 41 days ago
We are so lame

Pilgrim 41 days ago
Jimmy Buffet fans and why they exist. Any white person in a Hawaiian shirt cringes me

BULLHEAD 41 days ago
you don't like big fat party animals?

easyhateoven 41 days ago
good blur song

ej 41 days ago
white people are statistically better at living in idaho

Pilgrim 41 days ago
Also diehard Bob Seger fans.

BULLHEAD 41 days ago
i don't like bob seger. i guess i'm not white enough

skinsuit 41 days ago
All white men identify with, or want to identify with, Woody Harrelson.

white people don't like spicy food