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Portslob 43 days ago

BULLHEAD 43 days ago
Remember when Dave. MAtthews covered that boat full of people in shit?

kort 43 days ago
thanks boris!

BULLHEAD 43 days ago
On August 8, 2004 over the Kinzie Street Bridge in Chicago, Illinois, a tour bus belonging to the Dave Matthews Band dumped an estimated 800 pounds of human waste from the bus's septic tank onto a passenger sightseeing boat on the Chicago River below. That's a lot of shit for one person. Dave Matthew's is the man

jimbo 43 days ago
it's a well known rule not to shit on the tour bus. Dave Matthews must love sitting in stink

_d0thack_ 43 days ago

VodkaVeins 43 days ago
They call 'em Boeing Bombs...

simon_belmont 43 days ago
Stinkman's origin story