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I just simultaneously sent my crush

xander_crews_horse 89 days ago
A love letter and also said f*ck you for how you treated me and called her a snow ape. I'm basically god now.

Your_a_idoit 89 days ago

easyhateoven 89 days ago
lol @ snow ape

carveyournamein 89 days ago
You win.

kort 89 days ago
carveyournamein 3 hours ago You win. funny how seth's definition of winning is shockingly close to most peoples definition of losing

xander_crews_horse 88 days ago
Oh I definitely lost big time lmao. Carve, where can I get work as a saboteur, but in the specialized field of self?

carveyournamein 88 days ago
In Buras, LA.

xander_crews_horse 88 days ago
I don't want to live in a trailer adjacent to Kort