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I said I was gonna live tweet the slipknot/deftones/vanna cover show so:

ej 40 days ago
Show is at a usually Hispanic club; got patted down for weapons Hawthorne heights was as expected but they didn't even tell the crowd their real band name so I respected it They said they liked a girls "bioshock" costume but it was just a saw death helmet Then they introduced their band members like we care the drummers name is Tommy Vanna cover band did old stuff which was cool but they suddenly said f*ck covers and played originals which is worse than a vanna cover Some guy tried to make me push out I'm hiding out in an empty vip room while deftones sets up More to come I guess

xander_crews_horse 40 days ago
No thanks but thank you

ej 40 days ago
Deftones are wearing banana suits :/

simon_belmont 40 days ago
I didn't know there was "old vanna." I figured it was all pretty much the same

ej 40 days ago
I think they were active 04-20 give or take

easyhateoven 40 days ago
im gay

ej 40 days ago
I think you requested video easy, so yeah pretty gay

ej 39 days ago
i got pretty drunk for this (out of necessity) so here's my review: -got pat down by puerto ricans outside a club that looked straight out of Blade -60 bucks for 5 drinks -hawthorne heights cover band actually pretended they were hawthorne heights -they also said "love your bioshock costume" to some chick but it was from saw -vanna cover band played 5 old songs and then said "here's some originals" and people were not happy -i'll upload the deftones cover at some point but this guy from a band i hate did guest vocal and stripped down to his underwear so im still upset about that -slipknot cover band wore full garb and masks but oh boy did it sound like shit. -3 total moshers, obviously fattest guy in the room thought he was the hardest

dayman 39 days ago
youve never been patted down before or what

ej 39 days ago
i mean they don't pat you down at fenway or the td garden but they pat you down for a show with 50 people in attendance, just thought it was funny

easyhateoven 39 days ago
i pat myself down all the time