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All tenants are angels being abused by a capitalist system

Amber 42 days ago
Wait... npr? https://www.npr.org/2021/10/22/1046154251/they-refused-to-pay-rent-and-stole-the-fridge-landlords-deal-with-pandemic-squat

Inkongudunk 42 days ago
I don't understand your post

VodkaVeins 42 days ago
"moved 80 miles away to a much cheaper house out in the desert" Sup, neighbors.

Amber 42 days ago
Landlords, especially low level, are not keeping anyone from owning a home. And the quality of these apartments probably wouldn't exist without the investment incentive, since it would be what you could afford out right in terms of size and location. 😎

butlerianjihad 42 days ago
All tennis players are angels :^)

dayman 42 days ago
do you still ive at home amber

evil_hero 42 days ago
tenants forget they collect on every benefit of living in a house with 0% risk. then they repay the favor by f*cking up dude's investment while expecting a hefty discount against the market price.

Godfreyjones 42 days ago
A coworker was renting her childhood home to a friends daughter and her baby daddy. When they refused to sign a new lease written by a lawyer, they decided to destroy the house. Smashed out all the windows, yanked out electrical, stole fixtures, took a knife to the walls. I feel terrible for the lady, because she lived across the street from them, rented it out super cheap because it was a family friend, and all she wanted was for them to not grow weed in their yard and throw parties every weekend that had people parking on the lawn.

skinsuit 42 days ago

Amber 42 days ago
Yes, dayman. I could own a home but family illnesses complicate things.

iwilladapt 42 days ago
I have a few rental properties and it does make me nervous every time someone new comes in. Fortunately the most recent couple have been cool and we've actually hung out a few times. But the increasingly entitled gen-Zers have caused some concern about the future as a landlord.

ShaolinLambKiller 41 days ago
(I'll em !ll

Inkongudunk 41 days ago
^^^ what he said