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Counter Protesters at Netflix Walkout attacked

Inkongudunk 342 days ago
I saw one where two black chick's were riding through a crowd on a motorcycle and pepper spray and a proud boy hauls off with a motorcycle helmet and cracks one over the head

BULLHEAD 342 days ago
i have tons of free time yet i still don't feel like i have nearly enough time to do any of this shit. all these people must be so energetic

jimbo 342 days ago
lol. there was one where an Antifa twig was swinging a baton (the irony) and some Chad proud boy just walked up and laid him out with one haymaker. Pretty sure the Antifa twig broke his leg because he fell backwards so quickly the upper body inertia took over and folded.

Spork 342 days ago
This is the funniest antifa video https://youtu.be/0s2Jfq9C644

Inkongudunk 342 days ago

Inkongudunk 342 days ago
Everything about that is 10/10. The sound. The cigarette, the "f*ck yea". All of ot