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Counter Protesters at Netflix Walkout attacked

as much as i feel like dave misses the point with some things and paints very broad strokes, the other side of the fence is flat out impossible. completely unaware of their own hypocrisy. i don't care what you feel you are or who you love, that's great and i want mostly everyone to feel happy and safe. but jesus christ they make it near impossible to support them. they even devour the people trying to help them.

i guess in the end nobody's forcing me to pick a side, though. whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

unvisitedgrave 94 days ago
Video is cringe. Those people aren't very good at protesting.

skinsuit 94 days ago
These wokeists ... man they're deplorable.

iwilladapt 94 days ago
shut the f*ck up trind

skinsuit 94 days ago
You shut your cock hole.

vagisilcreem 94 days ago
lol this sorta crap has got to end. it's really unhealthy and goes no where. also chappelle rules 4eva

I hate people. Look at all those little gremlins.

jimbo 94 days ago
vagisilcreem 24 minutes ago lol this sorta crap has got to end. it's really unhealthy and goes no where. also chappelle rules 4eva exactly, chappelle is one of the greats and thinking you can protest his work and shut him down proves they are completely detached from reality. it would be like showing up at ticket nation to protest Slayer from ever playing a live show again because they have lyrics about the devil. lol f*ckin losers.

jimbo 94 days ago
Livenation, Ticketmaster whatever the f*ck they are called now

Barbara 94 days ago
People just show up to these things to act the donkey and make a headline.

jimbo 94 days ago

Inkongudunk 94 days ago
Like when antifa showed up to beat people who protested a sex offender under investigation for a sex crime (again) decided he was a "woman" and went to a women's Korean spa to show off his Halfie to some women and a little girl. Imagine defending that Imagine thinking that's rights or equality Beating someone because they didn't want a sex offender under investigation from showing their dick to a child because he "identifies" as female "Identifying" as anything can eat lava

Inkongudunk 94 days ago
Seriously though. Why do I have to accommodate your f*cking mental illness

jimbo 94 days ago
that's why I don't hate on the proud boys. there is some good videos out there of them beating the shit out of Antifa lol. if anyone in this country deserves a beating it's those f*ckin idiots. they weren't bullied enough in school.