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easyhateoven 46 days ago
wtf is this all about?

carveyournamein 46 days ago
Couldn't tell ya.

jimbo 46 days ago
is that when two penises touch?

easyhateoven 46 days ago
i hope so

evil_hero 46 days ago
i prefer the term "smash"

butlerianjihad 46 days ago
Pound Town Population: 1

easyhateoven 46 days ago
bangers and smash

VodkaVeins 46 days ago
Who's got the 90lbs weakling thrust c&p

Portslob 46 days ago
Sex is for f@gs

easyhateoven 46 days ago
Sex is for the weak. Life is pain

VodkaVeins 46 days ago
I dig pain

unvisitedgrave 45 days ago
Portslob 5 hours ago Sex is for f@gs Can confirm.

easyhateoven 45 days ago

dog_boner 45 days ago
I practice semen retention and as a result I am better able to focus and get lots of tasks done

Sex is incredibly disgusting It is basically when a man notices that a woman can secrete white liquid from the fat sacks hanging off her rib cage, then his sweaty, dangling penis begins to stiffen up like a dead body with rigor mortis. The man then inserts his hairy rigor mortis penis through the woman's bacteria covered flaps and they begin ramming genitals like a rotten sausage in a slimy tube. Finally the mans rotten sausage spews millions of microscopic insect-like flappers into the woman's gaping hole and they infest it like a nest of baby spiders in a dead rats body.