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dallas taylor

lurkcity 37 days ago
from maylene and the sons of disaster and ex-underoath podcast is out now. we talk about his accident, his recovery, marijuana, kratom, and his future in music. https://bit.ly/DallasTaylorLGPod

Inkongudunk 37 days ago
Sounds like a bad time

Spork 37 days ago
The name sounds like a porn star.

vagisilcreem 37 days ago
"diamond" dallas johnathan taylor "thomas"

nothinlefttogive 37 days ago
No one cares drew carey

xander_crews_horse 37 days ago
f*ck this guy.

Spork 37 days ago
If this was like 16 years ago when he was in underoath when that Christian crap was popular then maybe someone would have wanted to hear this

lordzedd 37 days ago
Matsod 1 was pretty decent honestly. But that's about it.

vagisilcreem 37 days ago
matsod - remerson

easyhateoven 37 days ago
lot of positive responses here

iwilladapt 37 days ago

lurkcity 37 days ago
easyhateoven 4 hours ago lot of positive responses here 😍

easyhateoven 37 days ago
dallas gaylor

lurkcity 36 days ago
this has been out 3 days and it is already the 3rd most listened to episode, just jumped zao and is currently behind american nightmare and shai hulud.

butlerianjihad 36 days ago
Phallus Player