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Anyone have age of empires II?

xander_crews_horse 92 days ago
Battle me, I will build an empire and you will be my client state.

skinsuit 92 days ago
No, but you can have a lick at my ballsack. Love from Sweden.

carveyournamein 92 days ago
No I can't play these games.

xander_crews_horse 92 days ago
I hyper focus villager production during the first age, stock up on resources near my base so I can advance and then I focus on military, secure the nearby resources at the cost of destroying hostile civilizations, never focus on trade, and basically Mongol TF outta shit.

ej 92 days ago
mostly played rome total war rather than this

xander_crews_horse 92 days ago
Usually I prefer byzantines as their castle age special the Paladin is beast mode in the game. Fast enough to close gaps and a squad of 20-40 can absolutely neutralize enemy soldiers, regardless of class. They're great shock troops so I just draw out enemy forces with them, then sit back while my trebuchets roll into range and take out a gate, and then clear second perimeter, take out defensive targets like town center or castle, and then it's all over but the women villagers crying or whatever and the monks a'woooo-woooo'lin'

Pilgrim 92 days ago
I love AoE2. Used to frequent a LAN spot when I was in highschool and destroy middle school kids while smoking weed and doing whip its

xander_crews_horse 92 days ago
Civilizations is the only suitable and acceptable alternate to age of empires.

skinsuit 91 days ago
I never got into strategy games. I did use to play SimTower a bit in the 90's. Does that count?

Inkongudunk 91 days ago
I send all villagers to immediately do a rush of wood and food. Then send one villager all alone across the map until o can just barely see their settlement. Still gathering and is. Then you rush build an archery trainer and queue up as many slingers or archers as possible and keep jamming food and wood, f*ck gold etc. As you get 1, 2 archers...immediately send them after wood camps. f*ck up their ability to build. 5 villagers can kill 1 archer, but all resources stop... as you continue to collect. As they fight, another archer. They build more villagers, they die. Now you have 4 archers. They scramble, no resources, no new buildings, no military. Eventually the town center is destroyed by 6 or 7 entry level archer class chars and the game ends in 15 mins

Inkongudunk 91 days ago
Total war is awesome too. Spent way too much of my life playing Age of Empires, Civilization, Rise of Nations, Total War Etc I love long term strategy based conquest

xander_crews_horse 91 days ago
Yeah i harvest wood and food as fast as possible, move to gold and stone, enough to wall and castle my homeland and then outpost. I usually get to castle age while competition is half way thru 2nd so I usually swarm villagers at lumber, stone or gold camps with said cataphracts* forgot it's these not paladins but you can also have paladins as byzantines, which upon retrospect is kinda unfair lol

xander_crews_horse 91 days ago
Teutonic Knights are tanks but against certain horseback units or the advanced skirmishes they suck and are slow as f*ck

xander_crews_horse 91 days ago
Also ive used trebuchets to cut down paths through large forests and sneak shock troops into enemy walled areas that way, just bring a few villagers to chop down the final bits .. they're basically sacrifices to the enemy troops you'll draw in but then it's a kill funnel as they'll go towards your units like lemmings and then just rush in an maraud lol.

carveyournamein 91 days ago
Crowfall is trying to be one of these games except your units are played by other players and each match lasts a month.