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Thursday goaters

carveyournamein 216 days ago
What's for breakfast???

BULLHEAD 216 days ago
I just woke up. Making some coffee. Gonna sit out on the porch in the dark

_d0thack_ 216 days ago
I just woke up as well. Monster & a smoke or two for me. I might pick up something otw to work.

foulmouth 216 days ago
can I have a cup or 3?

Pilgrim 216 days ago
A gatorade. Not really hungry

Portslob 216 days ago

easyhateoven 216 days ago
egg sandwich with sausage. need that protein, bro.

jimbo 216 days ago

carveyournamein 216 days ago
I had two slices of toast.

shitinyourhand 216 days ago
Two eggs that were supposed to be over easy but i broke the yokes.. Sauteed mushrooms and some of that yellowbird sriracha

skinsuit 216 days ago
Mushrooms are disgusting.

VodkaVeins 216 days ago
Portslob 56 minutes ago Nothing skinsuit 11 minutes ago Mushrooms are disgusting.

shitinyourhand 216 days ago
no way

evil_hero 216 days ago
i have lucky charms but im all out of milk shits wack, yo

_d0thack_ 216 days ago
Mushrooms are great if prepared and made right.