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Finally ordered a PS5

Godfreyjones 217 days ago
Only took 11 months to get ahold of one using minimal effort. Can't think of a goddamn game I want to play on it that I can't play on my ps4 though.

ej 217 days ago
i guess demon souls? not even looking at ps5 until they get more games, have plenty to get through on ps4

iwilladapt 217 days ago
where did you get it? and how much? thinking about getting one but don't want to pay the ridiculous markup.

Godfreyjones 217 days ago
PlayStation Direct has a thing where you can sign up and get invited to buy one. My brother in law signed up for me a while ago and finally got the invite yesterday. No mark ups or anything since it comes directly from Sony and if you have PS+ you get free express shipping.