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If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive

xander_crews_horse 217 days ago
Would you lay a stinky ass fart in front of the hostess?

VodkaVeins 217 days ago
After dinner can we stay up late and talk about the universe?

skinsuit 217 days ago
You think these kinds of threads are a good idea? You actually come up with them and then post them? To what end? Do you think you're funny?

xander_crews_horse 217 days ago
What if you go with Neil deGrasse Tyson but all he wants to do is tell you he is of no relations to Mike Tyson?

evil_hero 217 days ago
if you choose a dude, shits gay

xander_crews_horse 217 days ago
Who said anything about having a choice? I kidnap or dig up someone, and you meet them. Now that'll be $100.00. You pay to play.

Inkongudunk 217 days ago
John goodman

xander_crews_horse 217 days ago
John Goodman lays the stinky ass fart for you. +6