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The #1 draft pick in the 2022 NBA draft is going to be

xander_crews_horse 92 days ago
A tall, goofy looking, white kid named Chet.

ej 92 days ago
i play this basketball gm simulator at work on slow days and it tells me he'll be a hall of famer

xander_crews_horse 92 days ago
I like that these are all at closed environments and you hear the players like "hey, ey, EY". He also is apparently a bit taller than last year according to Gonzaga reports so he's probably like 7'1". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXU4EZzahEU

evil_hero 92 days ago
i've been considering throwing my hat the ring maybe inquire about representation

skinsuit 92 days ago

webmaster 92 days ago
a white Joel Embiid?

xander_crews_horse 92 days ago
Kinda but actually bit more like a white Kevin Durant. He was 6'1" as a SO in HS and had a growth spurt that put him over 7 foot so his handles are pretty ridiculous and he has NBA range. Already mastered the 3PT flop better than Embiid at that age. He plays better defense than Durant ever did; should be a shoe in at #1 since he has a good front court partner for his 1 year at "college".