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there's one of those "halloween cover bands" show near me

ej 217 days ago
some shitty local bands are doing sets as the following: slipknot (two bands combined for nine people) deftones vanna hawthorne heights should i go for the meme of it

simon_belmont 217 days ago
Vanna? Shouldn't they cover songs someone might actually have heard?

ej 217 days ago
i thought the same thing, imagine being like "know which band would really make this show a must see? gwen stacy cover band"

dayman 217 days ago

easyhateoven 217 days ago
post videos of the deftones cover set

jimbo 217 days ago
yeah you should go and give us live updates

ej 217 days ago
would i prefer it to be really good or really cringe, that's the question

easyhateoven 217 days ago
livestream that dick too