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Epic mistakes you've made in life?

carveyournamein 217 days ago
I didn't play World of Warcraft back when it was cool.

xander_crews_horse 217 days ago
I didn't build Taylor Swift website.

Portslob 217 days ago
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PenicillinTrapdoor 217 days ago
I don't even know how to begin answering this question.

Barbara 217 days ago
Spending my savings on 50k worth of funko pops to flip only to have them all melt together in the UHaul I was transporting them in

withdeadhandsrising 217 days ago
i once drunkenly mistook lysol bleach cleaning wipes for wet wipes after a very messy dook i howled in anguish

dog_boner 217 days ago
I sold an Infant Annihilator vinyl for $35

ej 217 days ago
suggested a classy date and showed up under dressed lol

skinsuit 217 days ago
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iwilladapt 217 days ago
sat through an entire episode of the vanflip podcast