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that remembering never live set on the front page

easyhateoven 258 days ago
yikes, shit's pretty bad, esp the first track (serenading...). those backup vocals from the bassist are f*cking BAD! they've never been good live though. saw them a bunch in 2004 and lazy pete just had the crowd sing most of the time

simon_belmont 258 days ago
The Zao show up the street was awesome. They played "To Think of You" and people went nuts during the "MY HEART BROKE" part.

easyhateoven 258 days ago
ugh, that sounds amazing. i love that part

simon_belmont 258 days ago
I guess the dude from hate5six was supposed to record that but something happened and he never made it. Would have been neat. It was like 100 people in a record store. Very fun time

rick_tocchet 258 days ago
They are really not that great of a band. I mean Christ. They even disown their first album. Whats that have to say?

iwilladapt 258 days ago
yeah, i wouldn't mind seeing them live if they were on the bill of a show i was already going to. but i can't imagine there are too many people excited to see some shitty live footage from a festival, hosted by lurk no less...

easyhateoven 258 days ago

evil_hero 258 days ago
band has never been good

strokemymeat 257 days ago
lol @ mean pete still being alive. that vinyl reissue of wacdf has an entire dedication to that dumb knuckledragging fsu fÂggot from on broken wings showing him "real 'hardcore' "

Conduit 257 days ago
Band sucks. Tried to be poison the well and that didn't work so they went "real hardcore" and that sucked too. That strength beyond strength cover was the best thing they ever did.

easyhateoven 257 days ago
yeah that pantera cover is f*cking great. i wish he stuck with until the end. that shit was the best