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weekend results

easyhateoven 296 days ago

butlerianjihad 296 days ago
I drank a lot of orange soda

easyhateoven 296 days ago
oh shit. i havent had that in YEARS

butlerianjihad 296 days ago
It's so good :)

_d0thack_ 296 days ago
Back in the saddle again.

easyhateoven 296 days ago
orange soda... the dude in goodburger loved that shit

skinsuit 296 days ago
Sober as always.

Portslob 296 days ago
Got f*cked up., could not stop farting/shitting

jimbo 296 days ago
what would a slob Monday be without constant farting and shitting

shitinyourhand 296 days ago
It was Meh

skinsuit 296 days ago

iwilladapt 296 days ago
beloved/ codeseven show was great. the venue was pretty nice, except for requiring masks, vaccination or testing. but that's more likely a bullshit county liability thing. drinks were good though and fairly priced. codeseven played basically two sets. from what someone in the crowd told me, the first half was essentially the same set from furnace fest. a bunch from dancing echos and the rescue. then the other original vocalist walked out, and they played about half of division of labor. and it was surprisingly tight considering they said it had been more than 10 years since they played any of that material. i would have been happy just seeing the first half, but getting to see lights, how many miles to babylon and leeches of karma was awesome. beloved was really good. they sound like never took any time apart and played most of the songs i was hoping for. would have liked to hear before there was you... and insult to injury but otherwise great set. not sure if the show sold out but it was packed. and once inside, no one was wearing or enforcing masks lol

easyhateoven 296 days ago
haha that rules. i was about to ask how that show was

easyhateoven 296 days ago
id like beloved if they didnt sing. i like when codeseven sings though

evil_hero 296 days ago
codeseven one of those rare bands i like all their records equally