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Name a better walk out / walk up song in the metal genre than

xander_crews_horse 220 days ago
Bolt Thrower "The IVth Crusade"

skinsuit 220 days ago
Your mother's dank puss

willy_wanker 220 days ago
i dont know what you mean by that

BULLHEAD 220 days ago
If I was a baseball pitcher I'd walk out to that "are you ready for some football" song f*ck with their heads a bit

simon_belmont 220 days ago
Pantera - Walk

simon_belmont 220 days ago
I mean it's in the name

carveyournamein 220 days ago
Yeah, I know.

xander_crews_horse 220 days ago
willy_wanker 51 minutes ago i dont know what you mean by that Baseball batters come out to music. Boxers and fighters as well. This song is the one I'd use. Josh Barnett did in a fight once.

xander_crews_horse 220 days ago
Mariano Rivera came out, for a decade or more, to Metallica's enter sandman. He had no idea who or what Metallica was when it was chosen for him.