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Lambgoat argument tally

xander_crews_horse 214 days ago
From now on if you challenge another lambgoater in verbal quarrel and lose you owe that goater $100. LurkCity took an L to Barbara and owes $100 Trind, you owe every poster here, even spaceghost at least $10,000 (USD, 3.5M your shitty countries money) at this point so you might as well just leave and never come back. Johann Licht approved this and made it official.™️

_d0thack_ 214 days ago
Lol If we had a dime for every time Trind cried...

xander_crews_horse 214 days ago
Actually that's a separate toll he owes the board but the paperwork hasn't been filed yet, I gotta bribe Belmont with a few hot dogs.