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Wouldn't it be cool

Amber 51 days ago
If in real life you practiced a lot at say, jewelcrafting and you could make amulets like a necklace with certain rare gems, that if you wore it it would give you plus 1.6% attack power if you were in a fight.

carveyournamein 51 days ago
I've been busy.

skinsuit 51 days ago

_d0thack_ 51 days ago

PenicillinTrapdoor 51 days ago
or you could put them into weapons to make them shoot lightning when you axe people

evil_hero 51 days ago
i dont really get in thaf many fights could i make one that made my weed better nug enchantment +2 or one that cast an illusion to turn my beer belly into a 6 pack

xander_crews_horse 51 days ago
Since I left that humanitarian org, I do do a lot of what I say. It's just those who know me know that is basically sacrificing myself to the alter of stupidity. But dang I do wish I went around in real life just declaring dibs on every f*cking toilet.

xander_crews_horse 51 days ago
Doodoo heh

boredtodeath 50 days ago
I'd go for other crafts, probably make a bag of holding our ten. This fits the request above. https://dnd-wiki.org/wiki/Pipe_of_Smoking_(3.5e_Equipment)

Amber 50 days ago
It would make weed better because it enhanced your focus, that's why

Zordon 50 days ago
gothickingcobra got into wandcraft and has made a career out of it, float like a butterfly sting like an autist