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Daughters bro accused of being an ABUSER by Lingua Ignota chick

Time to burn Canada Songs. And not to CD-R.

theocean 96 days ago
webby's cock just exploded

Barbara 96 days ago

skinsuit 96 days ago

DickWolfenstein 96 days ago
Haven't cared since he started doing the lazy Jesus Lizard voice but considering my only other memory of the band is them catching heat in Montreal for him whipping it out at a strip club it doesn't not make sense

Barbara 96 days ago
hard to imagine a more annoying pair of skeletons having sex

theocean 96 days ago
webby cant see through all the cum in his eyes https://twitter.com/LINGUA_IGNOTA_/status/1447998182277931011?s=20

iwilladapt 96 days ago
Saw this a few days ago on a group on Facebook. Here's hoping webmaster is choosing not to circulate this bullshit "news" and not just late to the game as usual.

_d0thack_ 96 days ago
f*ck her

evil_hero 96 days ago
is she hot

simon_belmont 96 days ago
Her name always makes me want linguine

evil_hero 1 hour ago is she hot She looks like a slightly more busted Lady Gaga, so not to me.

evil_hero 96 days ago
simon_belmont 1 hour ago Her name always makes me want linguine that sounds so bomb right now!!

evil_hero 96 days ago
https://www.wavmagazine.net/entrevistas/i-dont-really-fit-anywhere-lingua-ignota-interview/ oof did his abuse cause her face to age 20 years older than it should look

_d0thack_ 96 days ago
She's f*cking hideous and I'm not even picky