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Patreon benefits

carveyournamein 147 days ago
They're tempting.

Conduit 147 days ago
Yeah can't wait to get early access to those two album reviews each year.

easyhateoven 147 days ago

vagisilcreem 147 days ago
Top 1% get to chat with shat from beyond the earthly realm.

carveyournamein 120 days ago

BULLHEAD 120 days ago
all that moneyies going right up webamster's nose

simon_belmont 120 days ago
He uses it to pay me. I charge $1OO USD per word on my reviews

Inkongudunk 120 days ago
Lol at having to pay $10 a month for 3 months to get a review. Isn't that... payola?

ShaolinLambKiller 120 days ago
Smoke pole