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shotgunning a can of soup instead of a can of beer

evil_hero 12 days ago
you ain't f*ckin' really lived, motherf*cker! put down a can of family size progresso and you'll earn my respect

_d0thack_ 12 days ago
Okay I just lol'd irl but it might be the beers I'm drinking. I never drink midweek.

Barbara 12 days ago
one of those beer hats w/ 2 cans of campbells tomato

xander_crews_horse 12 days ago
Poking a hole on the bottom of a can of Italian wedding soup and lettin that shits excess flow down ur chest as you shotgun the rest

butlerianjihad 12 days ago
Condensed cream of asparagus soup can shits

evil_hero 12 days ago
now we're talking, boys big ol throatful of chicken & dumplinz

_d0thack_ 12 days ago
Healthy Choice brand.