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drink names on the specialty menu at bars

evil_hero 11 days ago
why are they always so gay you changed one ingredient in an old fashioned now you call it a wet donkey dick i aint sayin that shit out loud. no f*ckin way i'll just order a beer and save some face wack ass drink names lemme tell ya

skinsuit 11 days ago

rick_tocchet 11 days ago
f*ck those motherf*ckers!!!

timelordtwo 11 days ago
yea can i have two gay sex penis butts please

xander_crews_horse 11 days ago
Ima need three hot horse cocks and a floppy pangus with pineapple

skinsuit 11 days ago
Hey xander, drink the svettig pung pina colada.

_d0thack_ 11 days ago
And they always taste like shit. You know I'm not lying either.

skinsuit 11 days ago
_d0thack_ 3 minutes ago What?

_d0thack_ 11 days ago
skinsuit 5 seconds ago I really have no idea what your saying.

skinsuit 11 days ago
_d0thack_ 31 minutes ago skinsuit 5 seconds ago I really have no idea No shit.

Barbara 11 days ago
dangus, rangus

BULLHEAD 11 days ago
i order a flaming bullhead anywhere i go

_d0thack_ 11 days ago
Ever had a black tooth grin? Yuckkkkk

iwilladapt 11 days ago
local place has a jack daniels honey whiskey with bitters, simple syrup and a cinnamon stick garnish. it's f*cking delicious, but I hate ordering it because it does have some absolutely daft name.

Inkongudunk 11 days ago
"Double well tequila, neat". No name, no brand, just boooooze