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ed_money 11 days ago
I know 3 girls that aren't whores. Isn't that f*cked up?

simon_belmont 11 days ago
Lol @ knowing girls

xander_crews_horse 11 days ago
You look like Bruce Willis when they first show him in the mental ward in 12 monkeys, all bald and covered in goo, you subhuman splooge bucket, Ed money.

skinsuit 11 days ago
Shut the f*ck up, Brendan.

ShaolinLambKiller 11 days ago
i actually thought this was that shit band.

iwilladapt 11 days ago
that shit band rules. they have a new record coming out soon.

carveyournamein 11 days ago
What about your wife?

Portslob 11 days ago
Ed money will be the next dead goatee. He's f*cked in the head

rick_tocchet 11 days ago
I love whores.

ShaolinLambKiller 10 days ago
The best thing that shitband did was give a drummer to weedeater

PenicillinTrapdoor 10 days ago
simon_belmont 23 hours ago Lol @ knowing girls lol