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I've seen grown men cry

Inkongudunk 10/12/2021 4:34:37 PM
About custody issues, bankruptcy, losing their homes and families, losing their freedom But that doesn't hold a candle to trind pretending dothack is on mute. You muted me? NUH UH. I MUTED YOU. Lol #sad

BULLHEAD 10/12/2021 4:36:30 PM
he lives in section 8 housing in my head

Inkongudunk 10/12/2021 4:37:11 PM
Is that why it's #rentfree

BULLHEAD 10/12/2021 4:40:27 PM
as long as those government checks keep coming in he can do what he wants in there

Inkongudunk 10/12/2021 4:40:54 PM
I wonder if he saves urine in jars or just drinks it

AnalButt 10/12/2021 4:42:09 PM
It was a mistake to both close the mental institutions and create the internet at the same time.

BULLHEAD 10/12/2021 4:42:41 PM
that's why they gotta raise taxes. build more nut houses

_d0thack_ 10/12/2021 4:57:31 PM

withdeadhandsrising 10/12/2021 5:12:12 PM
trind openly weeps as thor nystrom scolds him for even having the gall to ask him to paint the family van to look like a pokéball so he can follow around all the kids dressed like pokémon on halloween "boohoo, papa! boohoo! papa no helpin de trindy maken de frendpals! boohoo!"

BULLHEAD 10/12/2021 5:14:24 PM
i didn't know you guys spoke swedish

_d0thack_ 10/12/2021 5:15:02 PM

_d0thack_ 10/12/2021 5:15:11 PM

withdeadhandsrising 10/12/2021 5:16:33 PM

easyhateoven 10/13/2021 4:30:55 AM
i've seen grown men cum

_d0thack_ 10/13/2021 10:05:57 AM