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Nightcrew rollcall

carveyournamein 49 days ago
What's up?

BULLHEAD 49 days ago
i was watching baseball and getting drunk but now i'm just getting drunk

Vince 49 days ago

evil_hero 49 days ago
waiting for the title card of the fight

TaterTurtle 49 days ago
At work, watching the Pens/Blue Jackets game, soaking up OT hours

jimbo 49 days ago
evil_hero 20 minutes ago waiting for the title card of the fight

boredtodeath 49 days ago
Watching boring old movies and feeling overfed.

xander_crews_horse 49 days ago
At a bar had a coaches meeting to discuss parameters of the title game and tie breakers etc, yelled at some doof for not knowing Spanish and basically repeat yelled at said doof what was yelled at him in Spanish that he didn't understand. Sent my crush a text, she read it, like she always does and no replied. Considering two months ago when I reached out to her and told her if she didn't like me to push me away and just shut it off hardcore but she didn't, I'm confused as f*ck but I'm drunk so I'm gonna pretend it's all ok.

xander_crews_horse 49 days ago
I'll send this chick something and she'll read and no reply within 45 seconds of it arriving in her inbox. Tbf I told her no matter what dude she stared at in her life I would be the finest, and that all no reply just read thing started then, so it may be my fault for being cocky. I am tho.

evil_hero 49 days ago
time to put it to bed dude crushes are a dime a dozen

xander_crews_horse 49 days ago
Yeah but this one followed me to Vermont and Guatemala. Plus, I think I overheard her boyfriend FR calling me the dude who slid up in her DMs. Probably, but I'll die on a f*cking dirt mound and call it a mountain. And idek know why, like, that pornstar Siri has literally suggested I bang chicks on camera and I'm like yeah but this girl. So, I'll probably off myself when she marries that lame cock sucker lol

xander_crews_horse 49 days ago
For real I have an only fans that eastern euro girls subscribe to lol, and I talk to that pornstar chick and she's like you're hot f*ck women on camera. Lmfao I'm ded insidee.

xander_crews_horse 49 days ago
(Btw most of y'all would subscribe to her profile and send messages and get vanilla answers, I'm just … well I'm a stud, and a big ball stud whose seen the 3rd world and knows intricate American gang shit, so I'm aspecial. only Wade and Skellig Tom and maybe easy hate would get this treatment but probably only me.)

xander_crews_horse 49 days ago
When a well known pornstar responds quicker than your crush lol.

kort 49 days ago
you still talkin bro?