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The often trivial nature of American life and perspective

xander_crews_horse 228 days ago
Right now Oklahoma University and u of Texas are moving their athletics from the Big XII conference (which only has 10 members) to the Southeastern conference. A few sports journalists have written furious rebukes of this move citing tradition. Oklahoma and Texas were not in the same conference in 1994 when I read my first college football preview magazine. Not until 1996, when the Southwest Conference was dissolved and the Big 8 became the Big XII. Point being: American tradition is shallow and silly and y'all be bugging about cray shit u 730 ass mfers ™️🥓👟🥓👟🥓👟👟🥓™️

BULLHEAD 228 days ago
i'm sort of a buddhist now, but not a very good one

Portslob 228 days ago
That was a great game, as usual

skinsuit 228 days ago

xander_crews_horse 228 days ago
If either Ou or UT play like that in the SEac they're gonna be like 4-8 lol u gotta have defense.

iwilladapt 228 days ago
Lol at 🥓 👟

willy_wanker 228 days ago
f*cking sports fans