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Had lunch at Subway today

skinsuit 51 days ago
Chicken teriyaki on whole grain bread with barbecue dressing. Side of Doritos. So glad they found their way to Sweden.

Inkongudunk 51 days ago
Did you walk there? Lol

easyhateoven 51 days ago
the doritos cut open your mouth and youre posting from the hospital. your weak stomach cannot digest anything

Inkongudunk 51 days ago
Ah, multi level humor

ej 51 days ago

Barbara 51 days ago
bad food, bad poster

skinsuit 51 days ago
On the c*ntrary.

easyhateoven 51 days ago
Inkongudunk 2 minutes ago Ah, multi level humor what some (lurk) may call layered comedy

Inkongudunk 51 days ago
Lasagna pizza layers of comedy

dayman 50 days ago
imagine being excited for subway

skinsuit 50 days ago
Just because you're Mr. Grumpy doesn't mean everybody has to be.

Inkongudunk 50 days ago
Cool reply, Jared

BULLHEAD 50 days ago
it's considered trash food in the americas

BULLHEAD 50 days ago
i'll eat it though

butlerianjihad 50 days ago
Shit bread, shit toaster