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Halloween plans

xander_crews_horse 235 days ago
Are ya dressing up? Are ya dressing down? Are ya gonna go to dockside bars? I'm gonna be Roddy Piper. Put an ad on Craigslist looking for a Cyndi Lauper. Hope they do the research🤷‍♂️ Wyd?

BULLHEAD 235 days ago
eat candy

vagisilcreem 235 days ago
gonna egg old mr. henderson's house.

xander_crews_horse 235 days ago
Get him

rick_tocchet 235 days ago
I will be down in the FL Keys.

Portslob 235 days ago
My mom's 70th bday. I'm probably going to party with her

Barbara 235 days ago
bobbing for apples in my boyfriends jeans

jimbo 235 days ago
ms slob gettin fuuuucked up

willy_wanker 235 days ago
im supposed to be seeing gwar, napalm death and eyehategod if it doesnt get cancelled or postponed

butlerianjihad 235 days ago
Going to a party that I haven't been invited to yet

_d0thack_ 235 days ago
You can come to my party.

Vince 235 days ago
Turn my lights off and pretend I'm not home.

xander_crews_horse 235 days ago
Is Barbara a girl or a gay guy or a gay girl or a horse? I always just assumed Barbara was Evas brother.

xander_crews_horse 235 days ago
I'm just wondering because I need new jeans, so send me some.

Barbara 235 days ago
gay horse