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Horror October

_d0thack_ 61 days ago
Gonna watch this one today.

easyhateoven 61 days ago
Is that gay one?

_d0thack_ 61 days ago
Hah. Yeah it is. Best scene :

rick_tocchet 61 days ago
That movie sucks

_d0thack_ 61 days ago
Yeah it's not good. I've got a soft spot for the Nightmare films.

Portslob 61 days ago
Nightmare on elm street 2 is bad. I think that's the only one Wes craven didn't do

Portslob 61 days ago
Freddy Krueger somehow comes out of dreams and thrashed a high school pool party

easyhateoven 61 days ago
Did he mosh?

Watching the Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism.

Going to look for my copy of Jigoku to watch tonight.

gettin drunk and watching tales from the hood rn

evil_hero 61 days ago
i watched leprechaun 2 yesterday and the first part of leprechaun 3 not a lot to write home about

BULLHEAD 61 days ago
you were probably lost without watching the first leprechaun

easyhateoven 61 days ago
withdeadhandsrising 7 minutes ago gettin drunk and watching tales from the hood rn hell yea man

i don't think i've seen any of the leprechaun movies outside of the first one and the two hood ones something tells me i didn't miss much, and i like a lot of bad horror movies.