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Horror October

evil_hero 62 days ago
i started horror month in september lol. tough to remember and list all the scary movies we've watched in the last month they're all so SO bad the vvitch - terrible tusk - terrible leprechaun in da hood - terrible hole in the ground - terrible that being said we were purposefully choosing movies that looked really bad.

lake_flaccid 62 days ago
Watched The Exorcist and The 'Burbs this week, probably onto Fright Night next

iwilladapt 62 days ago
evil_hero 10 minutes ago the vvitch - terrible …

evil_hero 62 days ago
did you like that movie? what did you like about it?

jimbo 62 days ago
the vvitch was garbage

_d0thack_ 62 days ago
Gonna finish out my day tonight with this one.

BULLHEAD 62 days ago
i love The VVitch. anything with the devil in it is good

_d0thack_ 62 days ago
It is a fantastic movie.

Portslob 62 days ago
Cabin in the woods is the f*cking best

easyhateoven 62 days ago
welp, never got around to watching damien last night but i did get drunk and have sex. so, 2/3 aint bad

_d0thack_ 62 days ago
Niiiiceeee bro. Ever seen part 3? I love this monologue.

easyhateoven 62 days ago
lol yes

theocean 61 days ago
just watched demon seed(1977)

rick_tocchet 61 days ago
I always enjoyed Tim Burtons Sleepy Hollow. Yeah yeah. Laugh all you want. Its a well done film with alot of blood and some tits flopping around.

easyhateoven 61 days ago
f*cking around with house of the devil later