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Horror October

_d0thack_ 110 days ago
Gonna start this thread for us this year. Here's what I'll be watching tonight after I'm done with everything.

Barbara 110 days ago
Look man we already gave you the one daily thread and you know I piss my pants when I see scary stuff

_d0thack_ 110 days ago
Hah. <3 Stay spooky 👻

skinsuit 110 days ago

easyhateoven 110 days ago
im watching the omen 2 tonight... with a GuRL

theocean 110 days ago
watched inside(2007) last night

iwilladapt 110 days ago
watched The Fly and It Follows the last few days. oh and Oculus, which i think is slightly underrated.

xander_crews_horse 110 days ago
Y'all ever see that Pumpkin head? I think it features ole Charlie Brown

iwilladapt 110 days ago

unvisitedgrave 110 days ago
Did anyone see Malignant yet? Worth a watch?

xander_crews_horse 110 days ago

xander_crews_horse 110 days ago
The top 5 horror movies from someone who enjoys the actual meaning of horror but hates franchises and cornball ghost stories 5. Cabin In The Woods 4. A Nightmare On Elm Street 3. Poltergeist 2. Evil Dead 1. The Exorcist

iwilladapt 110 days ago
poltergeist is favorite as well

xander_crews_horse 110 days ago
Basically ranked them on their content and how much I like em. Older cousin watched Nightmare and Poltergeist w me as a kid, like 5-6 y/o, so those two are forever burnt into my mind. Evil Dead is just a treasure. A national treasure. The Exorcist is just the best, there can be opinions on change of styles content blood and gore… but that movie was the first and just the direct template for suspenseful shock so always #1. Unless they do a Vin Diesel version of Dracula. Cabin in the Woods has all the makings of a modern horror that I'd hate, but it's complexity and acknowledgment of the genres campy nature while making continual twists and turns that stay within the stories frame and what …maybe be unintentional reference to Aztecs mythology at the end… movies like The Shining, original Omen, Leprechaun, It, Candy Man, fall off because it represents a different era. Hills Have Eyes is honorable mention type shit too imo. Other early slashers, obv, Friday 13th but Nightmare occupies that spot for that style. I'm gonna be Roddy Piper for Halloween, and I'm gonna say stuff like this but in his voice. And recreate the They Live fight scene with someone's dad. Who wants it?

withdeadhandsrising 110 days ago
got creepshow and creepshow 2 lined up for after work