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Lambgoat Etiquette 2021

xander_crews_horse 236 days ago
You are only your username here. You are not your government name. Anyone who crosses this line unless they call it upon themselves from this point forward has violated code. Violation of code is self dismissal. You do not know anyone here even if you met them, you do not know them. What you read here, you didn't read. What you saw here, you didn't see. These are the codes and violation of such and refusal to adhere to self punishment will result in cum.

kort 236 days ago

xander_crews_horse 236 days ago
Yeah this counts for you, with your onlyfans of foot fetish from whatever PA, got it?

BULLHEAD 236 days ago
you'll never find out my real name. i forbid it

BULLHEAD 236 days ago
that's some rumplestiltskin shit

xander_crews_horse 236 days ago
I'll be honest, without Tima, my rage is just a fat in a cage. (Hi "Trind")

xander_crews_horse 236 days ago
Fujucjmjfikfj"dljfn broke my own… StPNex

Zordon 236 days ago
always call dibs

OhMyCar 236 days ago

kort 236 days ago
remember when somebody made that thread about brendan masi being blown away by a stiff breeze

xander_crews_horse 236 days ago
I just remember you being a creepy pathetic loser who is obsessed with people you've never met.

carveyournamein 236 days ago

skinsuit 236 days ago
That's great, Brendan Masi a.k.a. Supreme Cocklord

xander_crews_horse 217 days ago
Newest initiated code of etiquette is highlighted by a thread by user Barbara. It shall henceforth go without reply, without notice. It shall not be acknowledged. Punishment for going against this code is of the highest tax.

skinsuit 217 days ago
Suck a meaty p33n and don't fūcking flatter yourself.