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Hey Lurk

_d0thack_ 240 days ago
He's currently hate moshing to Across Five Aprils.

rick_tocchet 240 days ago
Who the f*ck from else LG is here beside me and Simon??

rick_tocchet 240 days ago
And lurk

Barbara 240 days ago
I'm here. Look for the transgender Bernie bro clipping his fingernails in the pit

rick_tocchet 240 days ago
I saw a dude with a black flag shirt but it said bernie sanders on it instead

rick_tocchet 240 days ago
⁨(813) 430-2961⁩ text me barb if you really are here

VodkaVeins 240 days ago
One of the hot teachers i work with is there. Tell her your post count

simon_belmont 240 days ago
Just met lurk

VodkaVeins 240 days ago
Go on...

jimbo 240 days ago
what a cliff hanger!

rick_tocchet 240 days ago
Id post pics but i dont know how. Maybe webby should have a file thing to attach files or some shit. What a loser.

xander_crews_horse 240 days ago
IS he ask you guys about Emperor? Tell em its. A penguin.

iwilladapt 240 days ago
simon, grab me a bless the martyr on vinyl, since you're a CD guy. this is 100% serious btw. I will gladly reimburse you, with a little something $ on top!

Portslob 240 days ago
He means sex

timelordtwo 240 days ago
https://imgbb.com/ Easy upload