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Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

xander_crews_horse 28 days ago
Run, run, korts got bacon shoes and a gun. How are y'all doing on the fine morning (that Jesus made for suicidebears and me and we decided to share it w the rest of planet earth)?

carveyournamein 28 days ago
I'm fine.

Portslob 28 days ago
Is suicidebears goating in heaven.? He needs to put in a good word for us

xander_crews_horse 28 days ago

_d0thack_ 28 days ago
I'm great man.

xander_crews_horse 28 days ago
I sent these to SLK last night so he can do the bang bang bonk drums. Gonna go to buddies vocal studio either tonight or tomorrow and scream em. He does RnB and rap, so it's gonna be a fun time. I gotta go do a finish on an apartment complex in like 45 minutes. Drank a ton of coffee already and had a big ole shit. https://deadwaitworldwide.bandcamp.com/album/full-length-preview

shitinyourhand 28 days ago
This day sucks ass

OhMyCar 28 days ago
you're a huge queer but I like the song so far. care for a reach around?

xander_crews_horse 28 days ago
I'm headed together studio right now. I'm gonna record a fart.

skinsuit 28 days ago
Record slapping your doughy butt.

kort 28 days ago

xander_crews_horse 28 days ago
Buddy is an rnb vocalist and rapper, has a vocal studio. When I switched from inhales to shouted,grunted, growled, screeched, he jumped out the chair from shock but by the end of it he was doing gang vocals w me on the song, lol Completely f*cking unmixed. https://deadwaitworldwide.bandcamp.com/track/king-of-realms-unmixed-rough

xander_crews_horse 28 days ago
Also I hope everyone but Trind has a good dinner. Even LurkCity, and maybe OhMyCar.

skinsuit 28 days ago

xander_crews_horse 28 days ago
You've been posting about me, and other posters, all day on here because you have no job and the time stamps of your posts correlate to this. Also isn't it like 3:37AM there? Lmao, what did you take a sip of some soda at lunch?