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Webby deletes bad comments about trannies in hardcore bands

AnalButt 73 days ago
Because you haven't been posting, Barb

Inkongudunk 73 days ago
It's ok to call someone trans, but not a tranny In the same way It's ok to call someone black, but not a Blackie Make sense?

Portslob 73 days ago
What about Blackie Lawless? Also what's the plural of trans? Trans'? Look at all those trans' over there

BULLHEAD 73 days ago
What about Neil Young - Trans?

Inkongudunk 73 days ago
It's the same as moose

easyhateoven 73 days ago
yeah this is all barb's fault

Inkongudunk 73 days ago
Leg shavin nylon nazi!

easyhateoven 73 days ago

ej 73 days ago
ITT: "i am intentionally trying not to understand"

Portslob 73 days ago
^^ I like to listen to people explain absurdity

ej 73 days ago
i've always said you're allowed to change genders but you only get one! no tradesy backsies

OhMyCar 73 days ago

unvisitedgrave 73 days ago
I hate this place.

skinsuit 73 days ago
Can't we all just get along?