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Saving pictures of me on your computer

Inkongudunk 68 days ago
Lol, gaaaaaaay

easyhateoven 68 days ago

carveyournamein 68 days ago

thetowerofrome 68 days ago
Was this trind?

thetowerofrome 68 days ago
Seems like trind would do this

Inkongudunk 68 days ago
He cut out pictures of dicks and put them on a picture of me, lol Dude saves pictures of me and dicks in the same folder Oof

thetowerofrome 68 days ago
......... wow.

BULLHEAD 68 days ago
he loves you

i wonder if kissing someone with a cleft lip feels different not that i expect you to take one from the team or anything, if you're gonna find that out save it for someone with a cleft lip but a sterling personality

xander_crews_horse 68 days ago
Trind is a moldy sack of garbage with the personality of a wet fart that barely snuck out.

i wonder if it would fix anything inside him if he finally admitted he craves the affection of men

OhMyCar 67 days ago
No one here cares about you, don't worry

shitinyourhand 67 days ago
My youngest son took a picture of my older son on the bus the other day with his phone that he snuck on. He drew a dick in front of his face and posted it on his newly created instagram account. Some other child ratted him out. Got a call from the school yesterday saying if it was another kid he took the picture of (not my older son) that they would've kicked my younger son out of school. Yay

shitinyourhand 67 days ago
said rat took a screenshot of my sons insta and his parents sent it to the principal. f*cking bitches..

AnalButt 67 days ago