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Mia Matsumiya of Kayo Dot

evil_hero 73 days ago
james gunn railed mia kayo dot? was this during the phase when she was outing dude for sending her nasty messages i looked over every single one of those screenshots she posted and she never once shared the one where i offered to "wear her like a luche libre mask"

evil_hero 73 days ago
she got all uppity about the fetishization of asian women in popular culture like hey bitch its not my fault your face makes me want to kill you during sex maybe try a new f*cking face

BULLHEAD 73 days ago
that's not nice

shitinyourhand 73 days ago
haha yeesh.. u got some problems br0

OhMyCar 73 days ago
Broads, especially east Asian ones, basically believe what they are told to, and if she's in America she's hearing nonstop feminist bullshit.

BULLHEAD 73 days ago
terrible thread