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Football Sunday Takeaways

ej 35 days ago
i keep up so you dont have to Giants: very bad, daniel jones is gay Redskins: backup qb can sling steelers: not going 11-0 raiders: good??????????????????????????? 49ers: not sure who their qb or rb is but they're certainly 2-0 eagles: jalen hurts is fine texans: tyrod taylor looks pretty go- he's dead again browns: nick chubb has a funny name rams: cooper kupp is a good white guy colts: lol carson wentz bills: big d dolphins: deshaun watson alert patriots: mac jones fine jets: low T Bears: fans thanking god andy dalton is dead Bengals: well the receivers are good falcons: need to put down matt ryan buccs: tom brady vikings: suicide watch cardinals: kyler good titans: derrick henry big seahawks: russell wilson was a virgin til like 2 years ago cowboys: dak prescott's favorite color is gray chargers: herbert looks like a confused surfer packers: aaron rodgers has some hot exes lions: lol

easyhateoven 35 days ago
dolphins f*cking suck

jimbo 35 days ago
raiders will decline throughout the season. Aaron Rodgers will get traded mid season

BULLHEAD 35 days ago
How the heck do you keep up with all those teams?

ej 35 days ago
jimbo 1 minute ago raiders will decline throughout the season. Aaron Rodgers will get traded mid season i mean with the chiefs, they can only hope for a wildcard spot anyway

jimbo 35 days ago
yeah that's chiefs division every year so long as Patty mahomes is in there slangin

simon_belmont 35 days ago
Giants suck but Daniel Jones was the only guy making plays out there Thursday.

Godfreyjones 35 days ago
QB play in the league is absolute garbage so far.

Portslob 35 days ago
Kyler Murray is very good

Portslob 35 days ago
I hope the lions beat up the packers tonight

timelordtwo 35 days ago
Saints suck last week one was a fluke

butlerianjihad 35 days ago

skinsuit 35 days ago
I don't give a shit.

shitinyourhand 35 days ago
Going to the Pats Saints game next weekend. Hoping you're right about the Saints sukkin nutz

ej 35 days ago
skin go sit in your basement or something