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Buying underage kids booze

Portslob 74 days ago
Why would they put a paralyzed girl in jail?

AnalButt 74 days ago
For being too slow

skinsuit 74 days ago
You should never do this. Let them wait like you had to wait.

skinsuit 74 days ago
Them f*ckers.

ej 74 days ago
skinsuit with a hard stance on minors

_d0thack_ 74 days ago
Yeah. Lol @ taking advice from Trind of any sort. Especially involving minors

BULLHEAD 74 days ago
I didn't have to wait

skinsuit 74 days ago
Shut the f*ck up, idiot. @dot

ShaolinLambKiller 74 days ago
good for you I guess

Serious 74 days ago
Nope, but when I was like 21 or 22 I was out jogging with my 19yo neighbor and we saw his high school age friends hanging around the park. He said I would buy them beer and some jailbait slag said she'd make it worth my while, but absolutely not to any of that. Buuuuut, I do remember paying a premium for some guy named Keith to buy as beer and it never turned out bad. I'd just never take the risk myself.

dayman 74 days ago
i used to do this when i was underage

Pilgrim 74 days ago
These kids also live 2 streets over and I see them all time. They don't drive n shit. Also I had a fake ID at 16 so i didn't really see the problem having 6 teenagers splitting a 12 pack of 4% beer

jimbo 74 days ago
yeah ain't no one buying a handle of jack for 3 teenagers lol. maybe trind

_d0thack_ 74 days ago