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New Yorkers who jerk off over how strong they are

xander_crews_horse 71 days ago
You made a thread about six months ago about being 24 and having sex with a 16 year old. Pedo.

skinsuit 71 days ago
That's still not pedophilia.

_d0thack_ 71 days ago
Sweetheart. You've been a pedophile for your entire life. And you've been called it long before I came here. I just put you on blast for months on end until everyone NEW and old remembered or had just learned of who and what you are. My mission ended when people you've never even spoken to on here have relentlessly called you out on it. #micdrop

Amber 71 days ago
Seek psychiatric help

_d0thack_ 71 days ago

skinsuit 71 days ago
So I was a pedo at 6 months. Got it.

Inkongudunk 71 days ago
You kinda do this to yourself, bruh

skinsuit 71 days ago
I wonder if I, at 6 months, preyed upon 2-month-olds. Lol.

Inkongudunk 71 days ago
Those jokes don't do you any benefit, but #doyou

skinsuit 71 days ago
I wonder how they solved the obvious kindergarten problem

Inkongudunk 71 days ago
...how many years did you spend in kindergarten?

Portslob 71 days ago
Everything about New York sucks

7billiondead 71 days ago
Xander still acts like a tough guy?

OhMyCar 71 days ago
strong how? like weightlifting or like the queer "We're XYZ strong" shit that everyone did a few years ago

kort 71 days ago
Amber 4 hours ago Sounds like something a weak people would do. xander_crews_horse 4 hours ago I bet I'm way stronger than them. In Guatemala I was ripping beer cans in half like a circus trick. I could probably beat them and their dads in lifting heavy shit and yeetin it into a dumpster. On god. #weakpeople