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carveyournamein 34 days ago
I don't really like them all that much.

carveyournamein 34 days ago
I guess pelicans are cool.

BULLHEAD 34 days ago
i got pecked in the head by a robin once

carveyournamein 34 days ago
Lol wtf

jimbo 34 days ago
did you know there's a silly conspiracy out there that birds are really just government spies. pretty sure them flat earthers made it up

rick_tocchet 34 days ago
You ever see a baby pigeon?

Portslob 34 days ago
I love birds

nothinlefttogive 34 days ago
There have been multiple hawk vs robin hatchling incidents at my workplace campus. The grown-up robins don't tolerate that shit, they form a group, make a lot of noise, & try to down the hawks (occasionally succeeding). Pretty badass, if you ask me.

jimbo 34 days ago
you missing the point bruh, pigeons are spying on you and your family

I went to this glacier lake in Canada where the birds fly and land on your hands if you hold them out. I felt like a bird-god.