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scissors7 72 days ago

vagisilcreem 72 days ago
work jackin' it

scissors7 72 days ago
Today/Tonight - WFH, kayak fish a little after work Saturday - Parents coming to town, take down pool and party tent Sunday - maybe fish in the morning, wife working in afternoon, twins

BULLHEAD 72 days ago
Making apple cider

carveyournamein 72 days ago

BULLHEAD 72 days ago
I might do s bit of that too

easyhateoven 72 days ago
today - work, black tusk show tomorrow - errands, brit pop night in east atlanta sunday - meal prep, day drink, relax

easyhateoven 72 days ago
apple cider... im gonna do that when it starts cooling down here, i think. maybe not. id like to though.

AnalButt 72 days ago
Today- work 2pm to midnight Sat- son turns 13, ride go carts and play at the arcade Sun- work at 6am

OhMyCar 72 days ago
friday - work, going to a movie with some gay coworkers, pissing myself saturday - gym, jerking off, cleaning apt, working on hobby (robot shit) sunday - gym, weekly meal prep, more hobby shit, calling my grumpy parents

Portslob 72 days ago
Jackin it probably

rick_tocchet 72 days ago
Chillin. Might go somewhere with the bois on sat to watch the FL v Bama game.

_d0thack_ 72 days ago
Today - half day at work, clean up house, movie, dinner, & my place tonight for a date Sat - morning jog, bathe dogs, record hunting, yard work, install some new faucet heads in the house, smoke, and watch new episode of dark side of the ring Sun - morning jog & meal prep, make breakfast casserole, smoke & football/catch up on aew

easyhateoven 72 days ago
we're a bunch of boring ass motherf*ckers

_d0thack_ 72 days ago
I'm so routine dude. It sucks. Lol.